The Grapes Pub

Grapes closed

The Grapes pub in Pease Pottage was built next to the site of the old turnpike, which existed from about 1771 to 1877. Grapes were grown in a greenhouse that lay against the southern wall of the pub.

Barry Ray’s Slaugham Archives website includes many old photographs of the Grapes, most of them dating back more than 100 years. This picture, from 1905, shows the greenhouse at the side of the pub.

Despite the recent construction of three housing estates within staggering distance of the pub, its owners, Hall and Woodhouse, declared it to be uneconomical, and it closed in September 2008.

The Grapes was demolished in September 2010, and a group of houses were built on the site in late 2012.

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Old Brighton Road South, Pease Pottage, Sussex

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